Let’s keep it clean about antiseptics?
Modern mothers are in constant worry about the cleanliness around their baby. But is it always useful and how will it help with this antiseptic? We decided to dispel myths about antiseptics with help of the pediatrician Anna Shevelova. Can we confirm them?

Myth 1. We need to wash our hands very often.

“Very often” is a relative notion. Hands should be washed before meals, after going to the toilet and at home having returned from the walk.

Myth 2. You can completely replace hand wash with antiseptics.

Might be possible, but is not desirable. A complete replacement would kill not only the pathogenic flora, but also the normal skin flora. Therefore, it is better to wash hands and always have an antiseptic with you, just in case. Manorm has a compact 10 ml bottles, easy to take with.

Myth 3. Antiseptics should only be used by doctors and medical staff. Ordinary users do not have to do this.

Ordinary citizens can use antiseptic to clean their hands before eating out or, say, before a picnic in the woods. Alcohol-free antiseptics can be applied to the wound surface to treat broken knees or scratches, received while playing outdoor games.

Myth 4. Permanent cleanliness around the child ensures the absence of illness.

Such a child will be less affected by infectious diseases, but the risk of developing allergic and autoimmune diseases is significantly increased.

Myth 5. One of the main causes of diarrhea is dirty hands.

Yes, acute intestinal infections are transmitted through dirty hands and unwashed products. Therefore, on the tongue tip they are called “illnesses of dirty hands”.

Thank you for the advice, Anna Yevheniivna, a pediatrician of medical network Doctor Sam! Bless you!

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