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We collected various myths about hygiene and self-care and questioned the leading cosmetologists, dentists and pediatricians: what is true and what is not?
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Alina Shinder, cosmetologist and dermatologist, begins a series.

Myth 1. The sun badly affects the skin.

The sun is both friend and enemy. It enriches the skin with vitamin D, but prolonged sun radiation exposure is dangerous to the skin, causing so-called “solar aging”. It has antibacterial effect – active ulcers on the skin disappear, but it can also increase the amount of subcutaneous pimples.

Myth 2. Tonic cream is harmful.

In fact, it protects the skin but it is important to select the right cream that would not obstruct pores.

Myth 3. Sometimes makeup on the face can be left overnight.

No, cosmetics must be washed off so that the skin rests. Otherwise, pores may clog up and additional acne may occur.

Myth 4. Click-sticks Manorm for problem skin contain salicylic acid. Can it hurt the face?

Salicylic acid is a regulator of keratin and antiseptic. It will not dry the skin and cause hyperkeratosis (thickening of the outer skin layer) if you do not use this substance together with alcohol.

Thanks for advice, Alina. Bless you!